Sunday, March 8, 2009

An Ordinary Sunday

Truth to tell, I was a bit worried that I would have trouble getting back into the swing of things at school, now that the winter break is over. I spent the first part of the day completing and polishing my lessons for the week, and then spent some time wandering around the neighborhood--the weather was glorious, if a touch chilly.

They have put up the subway signs outside my building, they're still wrapped in plastic--the name of my new stop will be Jeungmi 증미 once Line 9 opens at the beginning of May.

Continuing a string of suicides among popular Korean entertainment figures, Korea Herald reports that Jang Ja-yeon was found dead in her home on Saturday, apparently having hanged herself. She was a supporting character on the ultra-popular Korean TV drama "Boys Before Flowers"--which I haven't watched one single minute of.

Bonus Photograph: This is an astronaut photograph taken from the ISS on Christmas, 2005 of Seoul. Read more at


Tanner Brown said...

Is the photo of Korea, or where?

Tuttle said...

Seoul. You can see Hangang running through the middle of it. I added to the post, ta.

A said...

Hey Tuttle, nice blogging :)
So, since I'm falling short of finding an appropriate map, where exactly is Jeungmi Station (located between which two stations)?
Might take a job there. How are you finding the location? I was in Suwon for a year and a half. It's big and modernized well. So, perhaps it might be different to Jeungmi. Cheers.

Tuttle said...

Hello, A.

On line 9, Jeungmi will be between Gayang and Deungchon Stas. I am told the stop is named Jeungmi after the small hill--Jeungmisan--located directly behind my building.

This neighborhood is very nice, even nicer now that the Blue 9 bldg has opened. This area is very modern, plus it has parks and stuff. Fifteen minute walk from the Hangang. Good luck.