Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Schedule

So, Mr Hwang tells me about the time we arrive at school on Monday that due to the "ground meeting"--a big, once-a-year all-school assembly (that he told me about on Friday)--all classes would be pushed back an hour, and everyone would work an hour late.

Not me, as my contract clearly states my teaching duties end at 4:30; however, I decided not to push it, since they are generally pretty good to me here: I am allowed to leave when my teaching day ends, not hang around until 4:30 thumb-twiddling like some foreign teachers; I don't have to come in every day and sit at a desk for eight hours during the holidays, etc. Still, I let it be known (again) that it isn't the working late that bothers me, it's finding out at the last possible minute that's the issue. Ended up being somewhat moot, though, as they cancelled last period.

I go to lunch off-campus today with Mr Hwang--after he found out I had eaten sundae guk and loved it, he had to eat it with me. He's a very sweet guy. Anyway, he tells me that tomorrow is a very busy day at Young-il. All first graders will have a big meeting during first period, so there will be no class for them. Then, there will be no classes for anyone during 6th and 7th periods as that time will be used to organize and sign up for club activities.

It turns out that my Thursday schedule is 4 classes of first grade: 1, 2, 6 and 7. I have only one class to teach tomorrow. And I found out a day in advance.


Tanner Brown said...

First of all, I love sundae guk. Actually I love all kinds of guck.

Secondly, remember: someone stumbling on your blog for the first is going to read "first graders" and think you teach tots. That's fine if you teach tots, but you don't, and thus will begin an unrecognized area of misinformation between you and your reader.

Tuttle said...

[shrugs] Oh well. Sucks for them, huh?

Seriously, I periodically mention the distinction, but if a reader doesn't care enough to pay attention, they deserved any confusion they get.