Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cheese Back Ribs, 치즈등갈비

According to The Stumbler's friend Jong-il (Kim Jong-il, but not that one), this is the best 치즈등갈비 joint in Seoul, located in Hongdae (Hongik University Sta., Line 2, exit 8. A recent fusion fad, Chris went over the moon for it, and i was more than impressed myself.

What is it? You take some grilled and well-spiced baby back ribs, heat them with cheese and condiments over the grill, cut them up...

... and wrap some of the cheese onto them before eating. With your hands It is quite messy, and plastic gloves are provided. The ribs are the most popular way to the enjoy the new cheese-meat combo, but this restaurant also offered chicken, chicken feet, pig offal (곱창), and more.

We stuck with the ribs, and even went in for seconds. We'll be adding this to our dinner rounds, at least occasionally. It would be nice, though, to find a place with higher quality cheese.

Off-topic, but inside the restaurant, was this, which perhaps evinces a failure in understanding anatomy:

While we were in Hongdae, I spied a couple of nice photo ops. The first was outside a place called "Welcome to Seoul 1960", a retro restaurant:

And then there was a guy on top of a truck playing a cello:

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