Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Few More Flowers

I can't help it--my favorite thing may be springtime. I like flowers. I enjoyed tinkering with the handful of rose bushes along the side of my house, back in the day. I don't have those roses anymore--hell, i don't even have that house.

When I came to Seoul, I was worried that flowers would not be much a part of my life. Especially after someone at orientation told me that there was just no green space in Seoul. Fortunately, that's not so. The cityscape is bestrewn with postage stamp parks, larger ones, and several really big ones. But i have posted many flower photos from them before.

Today, I'm going to turn my camera on the flowers I pass on my walk to school. Actually, it was Friday, and my iPhone camera. Probably the last of the blossom pics for the season. Obviously, I didn't shoot them all, just one of each type (counting the red azaleas and orange azaleas as different ...)

Mok-dong probably has the highest concentration of matchbox apartments in the city, mostly built in the '80s and '90s. As a result, I pass by some more mature trees, too, such as this nice lavender:

These last ones are all part of the landscaping at my school:

Tomorrow is Sports Day at school, and tomorrow afternoon I'm taking advantage of the Labor/Children's Day holiday (not that kind of labor) to visit Hokkaido, the northernmost main island of Japan.

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