Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camp is a Korean education term of art. It is really just half-days of class that extend into the vacation period, for kids that have a strong interest in a subject, like English, or more likely, for parents who don't want to spring for a paid daycare service. I'm doing two weeks. For older students, a grammar and music camp called "Schoolhouse Rock" which combines a part of speech and a style of music; for younger ones, an "Around the World" camp, with topics like kids' games from around the world, world amusement parks, making a toy.

One of the games we played was "three penny hockey", for which 50 wons make a good stand-in:

 photo IMG_9668_zps634bd52d.jpg
 photo IMG_9666_zpsf0a2ff98.jpg

We made an arcade toy from an empty water bottle, which the kids enjoyed. I was too busy helping to get pictures, but you take a water bottle, peel off the label, and pry off the ring under the cap. Pop the ring inside, roll up a paper tube about three inches long, glue the tube into the neck and screw on the cap. Now you invert the bottle and try to shake it so you ring the ring around the tube. We also made paper footballs and played flick football with them:

 photo IMG_9697_zps0665c340.jpg

Yesterday's lesson was about world landmarks. After watching a ppt, I showed them some paper models I assembled, from the website

 photo IMG_9676_zps8e0271a3.jpg

I wanted them to have the choice of Mt. Rushmore and the Eiffel Tower, but the tower took me about 45 minutes, and turned out to be a bit too fiddly, so everyone did the American presidents:

 photo IMG_9672_zpsd3d4a75c.jpg
 photo IMG_9675_zps303f8f7a.jpg
 photo IMG_9685_zpsfd9b1b6b.jpg
 photo IMG_9680_zps5a295985.jpg

Tomorrow, we will explore Africa by way of scenes and songs from The Lion King; meanwhile, the rockers will be exposed to some love songs, from Greensleeves to Donny Osmond's Puppy Love, and wrap up the week with a quiz game.

See you in August!

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