Friday, July 25, 2014

School Elections

Today is the last day of the semester, here at 양명초 , and it was also the day for student government elections--terms apparently run from August to August.

Just as it was at my high school, the key means of canvassing for votes seems to be standing at the entrance to the school in the morning and serenading the students, or at least getting your name in front of them.

This is a big deal to the fifth grade, as they will be the school leaders just one semester from now. Here are some pics of democracy in action

 photo ymv04_zpsf4ef32ff.jpg
 photo ymv02_zpsbcbb4948.jpg
 photo ymv01_zpsde3bb1b4.jpg
 photo ymv03_zpsbe1bb5d7.jpg

I say today is the last day of the semester, but I still have two weeks of camp, which is all prepared and ready to go, of course, beforee my vacation time.

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