Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fifth Grade

One of the fifth grade classes invited me to their class party yesterday. I took a picture:

 photo photo18_zpsf3b21d7e.jpg

...as they had laid on quite a spread. But the reason I mention it is a) because my fifth graders are awesome, and b) because it reminded me that I took some pictures a couple of weeks ago of fifth grade in action.

We were doing a new review activity I made up, called:

 photo spy1_zpsaac102e5.png

in which students will review key expressions. Their usual class team is divided into two pairs:

 photo spy2_zps0f207d99.png

with a divider between them so they have to talk to one another. One pair will decode the message by using a decoding sheet (a one-time pad)

 photo spy3_zpsd0e60cd9.png

while the other pair write the message the decoders tell them to on a whiteboard. There is a time limit indicated by the fuse along the bottom. which ends with a bang. I also stuck on the Mission Impossible theme for heightened pressure.

 photo spy4_zps2d754cd0.png

As you can see in the shots below, they really found it an interesting challenge, and even the most passive students found themselves participating.

 photo photo17_zps5bb61c5c.jpg
 photo photo19_zpse284ec68.jpg
 photo photo16_zps995b0426.jpg

I'm going to do this again, and I'll also make one using a tomb-robbers theme with hieroglyphic symbols.

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