Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter Camp--Done!

Well, as I feared, MS Movie maker failed to export our second film, Ghost Story, so it languishes in msmm format on my classroom computer.

So instead, I'll post some photos from the previous two weeks, during which I did Detective Camp (5th and 6th graders) and Toys & Games Camp (3rd graders). First, being detectives:

 photo IMG_9549_zpsc13eb9b2.jpg
 photo IMG_9599_zpsc05e7300.jpg
 photo IMG_9598_zps1c9a9b27.jpg
 photo IMG_9565_zpsd7a0d213.jpg
 photo IMG_9555_zpse2002af2.jpg

In Toys and Games, we had a Scottish Highland games lesson, wherein we made up our own contests of strength and also played Maide Leisg, or the "lazy stick" game:

 photo IMG_9545_zps4ac3c0f5.jpg
 photo IMG_9547_zpse7b0fef4.jpg

We had our own Olympics; we learned how to play flick football and three-penny hockey; we played Scrabble Jr, Boggle, and Go Fish; we made our own mancala sets out of egg cartons and learned how to play:

 photo IMG_9563_zps820f5746.jpg
 photo IMG_9561_zpsb98777ea.jpg
 photo IMG_9592_zpsd612299e.jpg
 photo IMG_9603_zps9481a436.jpg
 photo IMG_9602_zps527729d5.jpg

We also made three kinds of paper airplane, constructed our own duck calls and had a contest to see who could build the tallest tower out of straws:

 photo IMG_9620_zps3b1b74ac.jpg
 photo IMG_9613_zpscc69afb5.jpg
 photo IMG_9617_zpsfbe8c2b1.jpg

A good time, but quite a lot of work!

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