Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vacation Event

No, no problems with my upcoming vacation, although the same can't be said for the young family in this video.

Actually, this is the first of two films that will be created by my Winter English Film-making Camp at Yangmyung Elementary School. I was cameraman (I'm not letting a 10-year-old monkey around with my camera!), director and editor. However, the idea and the script were 95% done by the students. I cut about three lines and changed a couple of words, but what you see was really them--they are all fifth and sixth graders. I think it's cute.

Day 1 of camp is film terminology and story elements; Day 2 is creating their story and writing the script (I then type them up for ease of reading); Days 3 and 4 are principal photography; Day 5 is post-production. We got things a little out of order because some students had to be absent today. We edited film one and will finish film 2 tomorrow.

Now, I've wanted to do film-making camp for years, but everytime I suggested it at my high school, I got turned down--they wanted only "conversation camp". Even though not enough students signed up for it to make, most of the time!

Well, last summer at the elementary, I had to do an extra week of camp, and I did movie-making. The students wrote and acted, I directed and edited. I know you don't remember seeing them uploaded here, and that's because MS Movie Maker failed to convert them to any format beyond the msmm format, after a dozen attempts on three or four different computers. Now that this one worked, I may try again.

In any case, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to upload the camp's second movie, Ghost School. Stay tuned to this channel.

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