Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farewell, 2013!

A long-standing tradition here in The Seoul Patch, stretching back all of six years, is to provide some kind of assessment of the previous year in the first post of the new one. So here goes:
  • Another contract signed with SMOE, and two semesters at Yangmyung Elementary School successfully completed
  • A fair amount of vacation travel, to new places including a week in Vietnam, ten days in Palawan, Philippines, and five days in Malaysia, plus a nice return trip to good old Koh Samui
  • Read and reviewed forty books this year, most of them good. You can click on book report in the label cloud to see all of them
  • Made two awesome new friends, said farewell to two friends moving back home, and welcomed two old friends from Yong-in training days back into Korea--hurrah!
  • Moved to a new neighborhood in central Mokdong with the largest flat I've had so far; three convenience stores, two bakeries, a greengrocer, a butcher and dozens of restaurants quite nearby
Here is the BBC's annual pub quiz show on the events of 2013, albeit with a distinctly British perspective. Enjoy!

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