Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Happy in Bongcheon

The festivities are about to begin! A stack of thirty lamb skewers and some cold, crisp lager are the key ingredients to a delicious meal in the Chinatown street of Bongcheon with friend Kevin (seen here with the 서장님):

This delicacy is a Chinese/Mongolian favorite (most Koreans don't much care for lamb meat) but we're in Seoul, so it's served Korean style, cooked at the table. When the meat is grilled, it's stored on the rack above until you dip it in the seasoning:

The other main attraction of Bongcheon is our favorite country-style makkeoli 집 where the best in the city is still 1,000 won per cup.

After filling up on lamb just a half-block away, I was not hungry, but Korean culture requires that you have food whenever you drink alcohol, so Kevin selected the dubu kimchi, which isn't a bad choice at all:

I know I have posted about lamb and makkeoli in Bongcheon before, but I am testing out my new camera before vacation. It's a Nikon D5100 with the kit lens which is a Nikkor AF-s 18 to 55 mm with VR. I'm playing with the presets, so the food photos were taken with "food" and outdoor shots with "night landscape". Tell me what you think.

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Tanner Brown said...

Great shots of two of my favorite Seoul spots. Is that the lady I met? And was Mr. Miagi at the cat milk place?