Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Restaurant Review: Gang Ho-dong's Baek Jeong


He may be a Stumbler, but my buddy Chris has a pretty sharp eye when it comes to new dining experiences in Gangseo-gu cheong. And so it came to pass that we dined together last night at 강호동 백정 Gang Ho-dong Baek Jeong, which opened within the last two weeks across the street from our rendezvous point, the Family Mart Kevin calls "the office".

Anyway, the name means "Gang Ho-dong Meat Man". Gang Ho-dong is a Korean celebrity, a wrestler turned comedian, TV presenter and restaurateur. He's the guy I'm posing with above, and just so you don't forget between walking in the door and ordering your meal who the man is behind this culinary experience, that's also him in cartoon form on the menu cover.


We dined al fresco; the menu includes beef and pork, but we stuck with the red meat on this occasion; 소갈비살 beef rib meat was 11000 W per serving, and really tender and flavorful; most of the pork menu was 7900 W. One of the things I especially liked about this place was the ring on top of the fire basket, which was partly filled with scrambled egg to cook while the beef is grilling, and the other compartments so could cook garlic, onions, kimchi, etc without worrying about charring it.



Chris said...

I must admit, that was some pretty good beef. Although I don't remember Mr. Fresco... did he arrive after I left?

Tuttle said...

Chris, surely you remember Al--he loves eating outside.

ScaredDude said...

While I don't really care for Kang Ho Dong that restaurant does look good. I love the places that have the little egg/kimchi area around the grill.

Incidentally I reorganized my blog which reset my RSS feed. It is still at www.judochop.us but for some reason the new posts aren't registering on your blogroll, can you update it?

SinoSoul said...

GHD just opened his Baek Jeong in LA last month.

We suspect this is how he's channeling his $ from the tax evasion?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the meat emporium is really brilliant, and has taken K-town (Los Angeles) but storm. The pork neck and premium pork belly cuts are both ridiculously tasty.