Friday, July 8, 2011

My Korean Things (to the tune of My Favorite Things)

So click on the video from The Sound of Music and sing the lyrics below instead. Okay, ready? Go!

Rainstorms in Jangma and students who'll listen,
Sour Chinese cabbage and pa dalk fried chicken,
Dour old ajumma with long apron strings,
This is a list of my Korean things.

Well-paid tutorials and pink-tinted poodles,
Hwe-shik and mouse-click and doncass with noodles,
Bosses that act just like they're Deng Xiaopings,
This is a list of my Korean things.

Girls in white uniforms with plaid pleated fashions,
Itaewon losers who pretend that they're captains,
PC bang perverts who play with their dings,
This is a list of my Korean things.

When the kim-bap,
When the pay drop
'Cause there's no union shop--
I simply discard all my Korean things,
And then I fly home non-stop.

NB: This is just for fun.  I got my new contract today, and my pay did not drop--in fact I got a raise.  Therefore, I won't be flying home non-stop in August, but to Bali for a brief vacation.  Stay tuned for more. 


조안나 said...

Nice one! if you need any recommendations for Bali, let me know! I loved Bali, but if you stay in Kuta the whole time, you'll be miserable. I went to Nusa Lembongan and Ubud... Nusa Lembongan was fabulous and Ubud was touristy, but nice too. I'm sure other places are great too.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

You've been drinking again...

Tuttle said...

GB: I was celebrating!
J-A: I'd love your thoughts: I'm going to Ubud, and a few days in Seminyak, and don't know where else ...?
Also, I have been unable to comment on your blog lately, I get caught in a never-ending loop to verify my account.

Tanner Brown said...

If those lyrics weren't so nice, and I wasn't so happy for your contract renewal, I would point out just how wrong the Sound of Music is, and how gay you are for being a showtune geek. Just the blond lady's haircut -- I've had enough!

Congrats. See you in Bali! Bring some of dat cat milk stuff.

Foreigner Joy said...

Very amusing~!

Charles Montgomery said...

Sweet on the contract..

C- on the doggerel.;-p

Tuttle said...

Oi! Charles, C+ you mean! "When the kim-bap" is really good! Also, I hope you noticed that doncass is actually the SAME THING as schnitzel!

Gavin said...

Don't leave your daytime job - haha