Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good News for Aussies


Jesters, a popular western Australian meat pie chain, has opened in Itaewon, around the corner from Dunkin' Donuts--go straight two blocks from Exit 3. For some Aussies, this is he equivalent of the Taco Bell for Yanks: it's not the greatest food in the world, but it's a real taste of back home.

My only experience with Down Under meat pies came on my trip to New Zealand; they were quite tasty. On my trip to the new Jesters, I got the "Classic" which is the traditional mince pie, and a "Southern Man" which is beef and cheese. I rounded it off with a mango smoothie, and the total came to a relatively hefty 11200 W (considering the #2 Combo at Taco Bell is 4500W).


The fillings were both really tasty, but I imagine the real trick is in the pastry. The Jesters website (Australia; Korea) claims their unique "Jaffle Pie maker" does the job better, but I found the crust less flaky and more chewy than I'd like, though on the other hand, I hate a crust that explodes into bits the moment you bite into it.

Still, it's definitely worth a trip, and I found at the website there's a location in Hongdae.


조안나 said...

I saw this on their opening day a few days ago, no idea what it was... maybe I'll have to go check it out... sounds a bit pricy, but what foreign food isnt? (except taco bell...)

Chris said...

illuminating. I had read some posts online about this "jester" pie, and had no idea what it was. You've cleared up the mystery. Kind of like a hand-held pot-pie?

Nick said...

If you like Jester's there is a location that is a lot closer to where you live than Itaewon, in the basement (food court area) of Hyundai Department Store in Mokdong (Omokgyo Station).

Tuttle said...

Thanks for the good info Nick! Jo-Anna, it's alright. Chris: head, nail.

Still, I remember when Morton's pot pies were 360 degree crust, but last I remember they were just a top crust. Also, the filling ingredients went from mostly stuff to mostly "gravy". But then again, what do you expect for 69 cents?

Tanner Brown said...

I respect the pie-adventurer within you.