Monday, December 13, 2010

The Twelve Caganer of Christmas

I was watching QI a while ago (I've mentioned it here) when they started talking about the caganer. I've been around, so I know when I'm being had.

According to Mr Fry, the caganer is a small figurine common in Catalonia, and Catalan segments of neighboring Spain and France, that is found in creche or Nativity scenes (you know, Baby Jesus in a Manger). Nothing unusual here, right? But, this figure is squatting in a corner, taking a dump. Right there, next to Baby Jesus, the lowing cattle, the Wise Men et al.

What utter crap, I said to myself, intending the pun. This must be the April Fools episode. So I went Googling and sure enough, Wiki has it--not proof in itself, but a little more looking found a whole industry devoted to the little figures.

So, I resolved then and there to post a different caganer each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Caganer #1 is the standard issue, a Catalan in a white shirt and red cap, taking care of business:

As they say in Catalonia,
Eat well, shit strong and don’t be afraid of death!


George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Oh, good - something new and different to add to my holiday traditions.

조안나 said...

I don't get the allure of these things....

Tanner Brown said...

Looks more like he shit out his brain. Which would be painful, not to say brainless.