Friday, December 31, 2010

63 Building and Picasso

After passing this ad board in Yeouinaru station a few times, I determined to have a look at the exhibit, and asked my friend Karen along. It was divided into three main sections, 'Prints', 'Ceramics' and'Traces', the last of which is actually photos of Picasso taken by the French photographer Andre Villers. Villers became famous for his work on artists in their studios, including Chagall, Miro, Dali and Calder, but started via a chance meeting with Picasso in 1953 in Vallauris, France, where the great artist had come to explore ceramics.

Picasso's Prints:

Picasso's Ceramics:

Green fish
Traces of Picasso:

Karen pointing out Picasso's pet owl
With Claude and Paloma

SkyArt Observation Deck: Here are four photos showing a snow-dusted Seoul, looking roughly east, north, west and south, in order.

East, toward Namsan Tower
Northerly, Yeouido Hangang Park in snow
West, Noryangjin fish market in foreground
Southerly view


SuperDrew said...

Shwing! - Best misspelling ever. Actually, eff that. Mispelling is the best misspelling ever, because spelling misspelling misspelling is stupid!

Tuttle said...

Good eye, I missed it. But FTR it's a typo not mislepping!

Chris said...

You had better luck than I did visiting an exhibit (see my FB note from today). It might be a little too artsy for an engineer, but this Picasso exhibit looks fun.