Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's (Well, yesterday's) Caganer

Sorry, I was busy winning the trivia contest at 3AP tonight, and then slurping down the winnings, so I didn't post the Caganer-Of-The-Day as promised. Corrections are in order.  And apologies.

First, though, here is a photo of my winning trivia squad. Having won three of four times in succession now, I think it's pretty clear what the key is--let TUTTLE hold the pen and write down the answers: none of this "well, he's our biology guy" or "Tom lived in Portugal so he knows all about Brazil, where they speak Portuguese". No, it's clear--if I don't know the answer (which I quite possibly won't, after all) let me assess who probably does! Okay? Right, then, stop bitching and give me the answer sheet!

Not that I or my team can compare, but here--in honor of back-to-back wins--is the smartest caganer I could find, the veritable definition of genius, Al.  No, not Big Gay Al, or even the other Big Gay Al, but Mr. Einstein squatting:

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George Bailey Sees The World! said...

What the hell is up with those things?