Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Made In Korea

Made in Korea, but I bet the Panda is from China, and is here on the wrong type of visa. Wonder what Koreans think about animating Koreans in an animation sweatshop.

For the record, Rough Draft has two identities, one in Glendale, CA, and the other in Seoul, ROK. The one in Seoul claims to animate a 20th Century Fox program titled "The Simpsongs". Make of that what you will:


Anonymous said...

What Koreans think:


While the presence of a panda is rather suggestive, some say that the sweatshop workers have the Third World or Southeast Asia 'feel.' (Now they sound like Japanese talking about the other "Asia," heh.)

They also point out that some workers are using their left hand to draw because their right wrists are bandaged, hinting at suicide attempts. (Observant.) They are mostly talking about Banksy, though. Djuna's bbs, specializing in film reviews and culture, is one of the most popular/snobbish/liberal internet board around here.


It seems that "The Simpsongs" animators have fun doing self-parodies. The Hangeul hagwon sign in the middle says "Texan Brogue English Lessons."

-A Korean student

조안나 said...

Youtube video is not working..

Anonymous said...


URL change. In case someone's interested in actually reading the post.

Tuttle said...

Technically, the video "works" except it's been taken down (somewhat more quickly than I was guessing) by the Fox lawyers.

FTR, the video was a Simpsons opening sequence done by UK graffitist Banksy that aired Sunday.

Rows of (Korean) Simpson animators are shown drawing left-handed, their wrists bandaged (reference to suicide attempts, I'd think). Their cels are developed in unsafe chemical vats that leak into the open sewer.

Kittens are pushed through a machine that turns them into stuffing for Bart Simpson dollas. Crates of Simpsons merch is lugged across the factory floor by a giant panda, and center holes ore punched in Simpson DVDs using the horn of a chained up unicorm.

It will probably generate some controversy.

Anonymous said...


>It will probably generate some controversy.

Probably not in Korea. Oh, the lowly subcontractors have been complaining about grueling schedules and such, but Koreans love the Simpsons and the sweatshop scenes are generic and far-fetched enough.

I still think the panda is a clever disclaimer, though. :P