Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Best Food in Shanghai

My hotel had an awesome Western restaurant and bar called Pinnacle Peak on the fifth floor, where I had a great steak one night, and a terrific tenderloin sandwich for lunch. But other than that, I ate Chinese at almost every meal. Here are some highlights:

Shanghai Grandmother: in the Bund
Special beef stew with carrots and celery
Braised green beans and potatoes
Rice, mineral water
67 Yuan

Nina's Spicy Cuisine: 5th floor of No. 1 Department Store
Sichuan beef, bamboo shoots and peppers
Dried eggplant and peppers
Green beans, peppers and meat
68 Yuan

Bullfrog Storm: near Zendai Art Museum
Duck Soup (one whole duck)
Vegetable rice
86 Yuan

Kathleen's 5: top of Shanghai Art Museum
Smoked salmon wth angel-hair pasta
Grilled asparagus
White wine
Chocolate mudcake
150 Yuan (+ 90 Yuan per glass of wine)

The food was very good, but the real reason to eat at Kathleen's 5 is top floor glass-walled view:

City Restaurant: at my hotel
Braised beef ribs in pepper sauce
Stewed cucumbers and pickled cucumbers
Eight delicacies in chili sauce
2 much Yuan

While this was a terrible meal, the cucumber/pickled cucumber dish--above--was actually awesome. Still, I was the only customer in the place at the time (about 8 PM), and the server never once checked on me. No wonder this restaurant is empty!

City Hotel Shanghai on South Shaanxi Rd is a fine choice of hotel, but stay away from City Restaurant (4th floor) and City Bar (Lobby). Definitely visit Pinnacle Peak, though.

The food in China is a highlight of any trip, and Shanghai is no exception. All the regional styles are represented, and food is a bargain compared to beer in a bar at 40 to 50 Yuan a pop--you can feed three or four people for the price of a couple drinks!


Chris said...

What's that shiny soup at the "Bullfrog Strom"? Or do I want to know?

Tuttle said...

That is a really, really tasty soup consisting of duck (Duck Soup, any Marx Bros fans?) with cilantro, potato slices, capers and ginger. Capers are popular in Sichuan cuisine.

Adeel said...

Great pictures. You definitely had a much better time than me. This is the Bund, as I saw it.

Tanner Brown said...

In China you just yell for the waiter when you need him/her. Uber-efficient, and seen as not at all rude.