Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicholas Myra, DDS

I was wandering around in Mok-dong earlier today, for reasons totally unconnected to this post, when I saw the signage on the building above. In and of itself, of course, this building is far from unusual--in fact it is typical. Except ...

... notice the business name in red with the snowflake as a sort of asterisk? It says 산타클로스 치과, which means "Santa Claus, Dentist". Huh?

I know you could argue that such a dentist's office--and let's assume it has perpetual Xmas decorations, the dental assistants dress as elves, the drill done up as a sugar cane, etc--may perhaps make some children feel less afraid of the whole dentist-going experience; however, I think it's likely that it will instill in many more children an irrational fear of things associated with December 25th.

There is already some linkage between the holiday and dentists, or at least cavities, as elaborate and very rich cakes are a Christmas tradition in Korea (you can see my Christmas cakes here: 2008, 2009).

Next up: Easter Bunny, Proctologist

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they have a sister clinic named "Christmas Dentistry" in Mapo. Since both clinics claim to specialize in implant treatment and cosmetic dentistry, most patients must be adults.

One of the high-end clinics for kids.

-A Korean in Seoul