Thursday, July 15, 2010

Democracy, Young-il Style

Student government elections are to be held tomorrow at my school (the last day of classes), and the students chosen will serve the second semester of this school year and the first semester of the next academic year.

Last year, there were eight candidates for office, this year there are only four. The video clip shows two of the candidates' election committees, or similar, encouraging the sea of students arriving for the school day to vote for their man.

Below are a couple of pictures showing the posters prepared and displayed on this big board outside the entrance to the main building. Their graphic arts skills are quite accomplished, though I have no idea why that one kid has a yoghurt bottle in his mouth. The students I talked to didn't understands it either:

UPDATE (July 15, 2010): Here is a photo of the polling station, in the lobby of the main building, with two voting booths. Fancy!

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