Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few Photos For Today

1) Upon arrival at school this AM, we found this banner had been put up:

It reads something like: "Seoul City International Exchange and English Education Leadng School Designation". The "International Exchange" thing has to do with our school forming a "sister relationship" with a school in Singapore. The "English Education" thing, obviously, is all about me.

Well, maybe not, but I am told to expect visitors or observers in my classroom more frequently. I say what I always say: "Bring 'em on, but tell 'em they can't make too much noise."

2) Following up on a post from our mutual friend Literaryhero, I took a snap of some of the plants I keep in my classroom at school. One thing I miss about 150 Boone is the growing of green things, if not the cutting of grass. So I have over time turned the classroom into a little hothouse--I started with two or three, and now have eight different plants. I added the one far right to the collection a few days ago when one of the boys who clean my classroom every morning knocked over and broke one of the planters.

The plant was fine, but I had to buy a new pot--the yellow one far left in the photo--and picked up a new plant while I was at it. I do think the classroom is at its limit now, though.

3) For most of the last year, I have been watering my plants using a coffee cup. A few weeks ago, I saw this item at Daiso and I screamed in my head: "Why didn't I invent this? It's pure genius--cheap, simple and practical!"

Its name is fairly Konglishy, "Spray & Watering Pot", though it's not a pot. Underneath that, it says: Shall we travel together into the fresh nature? I wish I return to the nature.


SuperDrew said...

Now that is a nice spray and watering pot, I could really go for one of them. I too use the coffee cup, but invariably end up spilling more water than I get in the plant.

You just picked up the ZZ plant, I see, that is a nice one. Hard to kill and looks great. Watch out for that pot size, though. I bought mine about a month ago, and it is growing like wildfire, even though I haven't watered it yet. I got three new shoots coming in, and they are growing fast.

Tuttle said...

Thanks for the tip--I want more shoots, but will keep it trimmed back a little until it fills out.

SuperDrew said...

By the way, after I saw this post, I immediately ran out and bought one of those spray pots. I didn't want to completely copy your style, though, so I got one with a green sprayer as opposed to your yellow.

Tuttle said...

1) It's not a pot, it's a can!

2) Green? Green?--I doubt that will keep your plants watered at all! The correct color is clearly YELLOW!

3) Still, if you wish to return to the nature, I guess green will be okay ...