Monday, April 16, 2018

Signs of Spring

1) Blossoms - if you've come to the Seoul Patch with any regularity, you have seen hundreds of flower photos. You're about to see a few more, these from my school, and the hillside directly across the street.

2) Baseball - went to a preseason game a little while ago in Incheon with an old buddy and a pair of diminutive tagalongs. On the promenade from the station to the stadium (or vice versa) there is a series of engineered photo-ops. I think this is the best one.

3) Soccer - though FC Seoul is off to a really terrible start (they finally won a game last week against Pohang, on their seventh try!) going to soccer games here is easy and fun!

4) Student elections - many schools seem to elect a new student government every semester, and while they enjoin their friends to cheer for them at the school gate in the days leading up to the poll, they put a lot of effort into a poster which identifies their main platform planks:

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