Thursday, April 12, 2018

2018 Yeouido Flower Festival

Despite the impoverished levels of attention the Seoul Patch receives from Tuttle these days, it would be more than remiss of me to skip the annual Yeouido cherry blossom festival post. The festival officially opened on Saturday, but the weekend weather was less than ideal, so I finally got there yesterday after school. There were plenty of people but nothing like what you would have seen on, say, Saturday at 2 PM. The cherry blossoms don't really care how many people are looking at them, they bloom anyway.

The cherry trees run around the north end of Yeouido Island, immediately adjacent to the Korean Legislature facilities. This time, the gates were open, so I wandered through the park area and got a couple of shots of statuary:

That last one is just titled 대한국인 Korean Person.

Before I come to the final, obligatory shot of myself on the sidewalk with the cherries and the city blossoming behind me, I want to point out to anyone that's new around here that they can see lots of pictures of each previous festival since 2009: just click on the cherry blossom festival link in the tag cloud on the right side.

In fact, that might be a good idea, because a) this was a quick visit, and b) I came directly from work so I did not bring my Nikon. All these pics came from my iPhone.

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