Thursday, July 21, 2016

Yangmyung Farewell Week

I mentioned previously that I will be transferred to a new school for my next contract, and this was the last week of classes for the semester (two weeks of camp starting Monday). So, in addition to being English Festival week, about which more later, this was my farewell to the students after four years with them. Or, their farewell to me.

Different classes said farewell in different ways. The third and fourth graders presented enormous cards and played recorders for me. Their teacher apparently had some trouble impressing the honorific "Mister" on them, though they always use it when speaking to me. Third grade:

Fourth grade:

Sixth graders wrote longer, individual notes, some of which I thought were creative. some tears were shed, even by the big boys!

My fifth grade co-teacher taught with me last year, and perhaps that prompted her and them to put a bit more effort into their gifts. They made some pretty neat music videos and sang along in class. I've pulled a couple good shots from them. I've also compiled them together and uploaded the result to Youtube.

Each class chose a different song and each student illustrated a line from it. I like them. Granted, almost no one spelled my name correctly, but they got some important details right, like my phone holster, and the joy and laughter my typical lesson (okay, my ideal lesson) engenders.

Anyway, this was a sad as well as fun week for us, and sometimes gratifying. One of their common themes was "Don't forget us--we won't forget you." I won't forget.

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