Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Camp: Week 1

My Summer Camps this time are Toys and Games Around the World for grades 3 and 4, and The Bean's English for older students.

On Tuesday, we learned about and held our own Scottish Highland Games, including Maide Leisg, the "Lazy Stick" game, in which opponents try to lift each other's bottom off the ground.

The next day we learned American "desktop games", including three penny hockey and flick football.

On Thursday, students had to bring in empty egg cartons to make a mancala set, and Friday we learned how to play:

We also made and colored our own Tangram sets.

The Mr Bean class learned vocabulary then watched a Mr Bean story. They completed worksheets, made conversations, and played games, then watched one of the animated Mr Bean episodes. On Friday, we watched Mr Bean make a sandwich, and made our own sentence sandwiches. Here are a couple of them.

One week finished, one week to go.

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