Thursday, April 21, 2016

Today's Word

... is Adoniser. My theory is this word is a shortening of "Adonis-izer", and denotes a store whose products will turn one into an Adonis. I choose to ignore the fact that it is a women's apparel concern.

Today's other words are "Wast", which I applaud for its efficiency, not wasting extra letters on an e, and "Edurecting", the gerund form of Edurection, the anatomic condition achieved by getting, um, excited, about learning.

I saw the sign below at Seoul Pub in Itaewon during March, part of the St Patrick's promotion. But it wasn't this one sign, posters and bar cards also alerted imbibers to the establishment's "Patrick's Mouth Special".

Finally, this sign taped to selected doors on the platform at Dangsan station, announces essentially, "Beware! Pigeon shit". In the last several years, pigeons have taken up residence in the large barn-like structure covering the above-ground tracks of the 2 line portion of the station.

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