Tuesday, February 9, 2016

School Graduation

It's February 2016, and the 2015 school year is officially over, in the case of Yangmyung Elementary School being denoted by the sixth grade graduation ceremony.

It always begins with some entertainment by underclassmen, usually some choral group or a pianist or two. This year I arrived (10 minutes early) to be treated to a play about, as far as I could tell, events in the future lives of this year's graduates.

There is a bit of speechifying, then the awarding of diplomas:

I caught a couple of pics of the happy grads:

The top scholars and leaders of the class get special recognition.

The last thing before that final, sad, dreary song they always do, is a slideshow with pictures of sixth graders over the years:

Congratulations to the sixth grade class of 2015! I'll look forward to seeing some you on Teachers' Day next year when you drop by to see old Tuttle. Until then, Have A Good Time!

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