Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vietnam, Hanoi: Street Scenes

Wet Market
My first morning in Hanoi found me in the wet market local to Hanoi Cooking Centre by about 9:15. There are more than a dozen such markets dotted around the city, but it was explained that the government is gradually closing them down and replacing them with modern supermarkets which have office space overhead.

Quite typical of such markets throughout Asia, there are fresh vegetables. The second pic is bamboo shoots; the third is a makeshift roof sagging under a bit of rain:

 photo DSC_0977_zps663202a1.jpg
 photo DSC_1013_zps3ec44a62.jpg
 photo DSC_0999_zps7a7e0637.jpg

Everyone needs fresh meat, and according to Tracy our guide, it comes in at about five AM every morning and is gone by ten or so.

 photo DSC_0987_zps05fba3ba.jpg
 photo DSC_1128_zpscb703b82.jpg

Yes, she's skinning a frog:

 photo DSC_1005_zpsfe828bc9.jpg

Pig brains, and pig stomach:

 photo DSC_0984_zps5aa36444.jpg
 photo DSC_1121_zps7c28d6b5.jpg

The pho noodles sold here come in particularly fresh (and warm) from a nearby village that specializes in pho. It's all gone in a couple of hours:

 photo DSC_1015_zps2975d749.jpg

Bird cages
Birds are considered lucky, or harbingers of prosperity, so they are a common sight as you walk through the streets:

 photo DSC_1109_zps0ae71e49.jpg
 photo DSC_1133_zpscc22450e.jpg

Bia Hoi

 photo DSC_1084_zpsc48d2470.jpg

Most nights, but particularly on weekends, the area around Ma May, Hang Buom, Hang Bac, etc in the northern part of the Old Quarter become "bia hoi". Thousands of people sitting on tiny stools at tiny tables on sidewalks and streets drinking beer and munching street food. And also falling prey to street hawkers selling lighters, caps, stale Vietnamese donuts, what-have-you.

 photo DSC_1074_zpsac920704.jpg
 photo DSC_1357_zpsaf093ed5.jpg
 photo DSC_1104_zps1172b5a6.jpg

Some of my new friends outside King Pirates Pub, Jack Sparrow image definitely used without Disney's consent. Dude second from left, Simon, is apparently a Nigerian who is a member of Vietnam's national soccer team.

 photo DSC_1519_zps5f7abca1.jpg

The second shot below is a "cyclo" (pronounced "see-kloh"), though most people get around on motorcycles.

 photo DSC_1021_zpsa0ddfc86.jpg
 photo DSC_1281_zps0095e57e.jpg
 photo DSC_1273_zps07a0cad5.jpg
 photo DSC_1269_zpsa61ffd1b.jpg

Right around Hoan Kiem lake, there is some statuary:

 photo DSC_1243_zps94cf39fb.jpg
 photo DSC_1256_zpsbeafa044.jpg

But Hanoi's Old Quarter is best-known for a dilapidated melding of European and Viet architecture (note birdcages):

 photo DSC_1063_zps117b33fb.jpg
 photo DSC_1153_zpsf35b69db.jpg
 photo DSC_1163_zps132693b8.jpg
 photo DSC_1172_zpse14a0445.jpg

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