Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ROK the Vote 2014

It's Election Day in Korea, with governorships, district offices and mayoral offices up for grabs. Seoul mayor Park retained his seat, but I'm not here to talk about results. Instead, I have some pictures of the canvassing process. The candidates spend oodles of money to get their image (and possibly their policy platforms) into the public eye. Most ubiquitous is the large banner. They block visibility on key intersections, like this one:

 photo elec01_zps15ec5ea0.jpg

As the election nears, you will see sidewalks littered (a misdemeanor offence, I think) with business card-sized adverts, that you can pull out of your wallet at the polling station in case you forgot who to vote for. The second one is at my apartuh door:

 photo elec03_zps7a1401b4.jpg
 photo elec05_zps696ad429.jpg

Occasionally, you find more in-depth treatments of the candidates' positions, in glossy brochures, just about the only campaigning device I'm really familiar with from the States:

 photo elec02_zpsebfdfe81.jpg

Candidates' canvassers also drive around these trucks, blaring a short message from the man or woman him or herself. Occasionally, the candidate will appear in the truck personally--you can see the handrail there in the second shot.

 photo elec09_zps5e1e0467.jpg
 photo elec06_zps02db6e6c.jpg

They also blanket their gu with brigades of uniformed ajummas to politely entreat pedestrians to put in a showing for their man:

 photo elec04_zps74603873.jpg
 photo elec07_zps563d3852.jpg

And as time winds down, the candidate may appear on the street alongside them in a last-minute effort to ROK the vote:

 photo elec08_zpsa65cf836.jpg

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