Sunday, May 18, 2014

Silly Signs

Been a long time since I did a post like this, but here are a few signs that sparked my amusement lately--some perhaps for a Konglish element, some for their ease of misinterpretation, some ... well, just because. Fisrt up, the Korean stork:

 photo deliver_zps25b012c4.jpeg

Not precisely sure what a "womanly studio" is, but I bet M. Princess would be welcome there:

 photo womanly_zpsb87f522b.jpeg
 photo mprincess_zps4cda0dcb.jpeg

I'm sure they'tr both right (the second one shows a store named more or less "very nice phone"):

 photo dream_zpsabc4b709.jpeg
 photo berrynice_zps7b036447.jpeg

These next two are just misspellings that amused me:

 photo wellbing_zpsfd60c37a.jpeg
 photo chiness_zps8373724b.jpeg

Here is a computer repair shop, whose name phonetically is "Cum doctor":

 photo cumdoc_zpsffed636d.jpeg

After you visit him, perhaps you can take the advice from a menu in HBC:

 photo FUsilli_zps9454caa0.jpeg


Anonymous said...

none of the images work. removed from photobucket?

Tuttle said...

Hmmm. They're working on my iPhone, which is new and can't have them cached.