Tuesday, February 11, 2014

YM School Lunch

Cleaning up before I go on vacation ...

The food at my school is generally pretty good--I'd say 9 days out of 10; but occasionally they'll pollute some perfectly good pork with octopus tentacles or ruin a mushroom soup with odeng. Every day about lunchtime, they send out via the school's messaging system a PPT slide with a labelled photo of the day's meal.

I had the idea to collect a week's worth of these and make a post about school lunch. Then for some reason, they have stopped sending them, leaving me with only three days' worth. But here they are anyway:

 photo lunch1_zps4b74339e.png
 photo lunch2_zpsb5d45ef7.png
 photo lunch3_zps6e85e1f4.png

They also publish a monthly calendar which lists the menu as well as possible allergy information and the average Calorie, protien and fat data for each week.

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