Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lions and Dragons at Halloween

I went to a huge gathering on Monday night--Halloween; but oddly, not many people were dressed in costumes. I did get one good shot with somebody dressed as a lioness:


I went to the Korean Championship game five, SK Wyverns vs Samsung Lions; it turned out to be the last game of the series, as Samsung eked out a 1 - 0 victory to take the 4 - 1 set. It was their fifth championship title.

The atmosphere in Jamsil Stadium was terrific, and the crowd was loud and non-stop--so was the Samsung PA, located about 20 m. from my right ear.


The Lions' starting pitcher kept posting up zeroes and they got the only offense they would need in the bottom of the fourth off a solo homer to left-center by the left fielder, who gave a nonchalant wave as he came out to field afterward.

The Samsung people kept circulating with freebies to keep the crowd motivated, building momentum to the eighth inning sparklers:


Here I am with the gang, Nick, Brendan, the foul pole, and Kelly near the end:


And of course, at the end, there were fireworks! Happy Halloween!



George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Amazing! How on Earth did you get tickets to the final game?

Tuttle said...

That's thanks to Ticketmaster Nick, who has the savvy needed to navigate the Korean ticket system. We didn't know Monday would be the last game, so he ordered tickets for Tues and Wed as well--since they weren't used, he gets credited back on his card.

FTR: I also attended (w/Nick and Andy) the 2009 final game which was won with a walk-off homer. I blogged it here:

Tanner Brown said...

1) Where dat beer at?

2) Did any Koreans tell you to go back to America this time?