Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In The Xenophobic News

First, I must apologize to my faithful readers and "followers" for having been so lax in the last few months about updating.  No good reasons, just excuses ... and a promise to try to get my act together.  Moving on:

Two articles in today's newspapers in Korea to make one go, as Arsenio used to say, "Hmm..." 

A report from the Korea Herald describes law revisions requiring hakwons to double-check E-2 visa-holders' documentation before hiring them.  First, let me point out this is impossible because you can't get an E-2 visa until you've actually been hired.  But beyond that:
“As the number of foreign teachers increases at private institutions, problems are on the rise with some involved in sexual assault and drug trafficking. And we revised the law twice in order to enhance the verification process and protect students from potential crimes,” said Han Chang-jin, education official in charge of private institutions.
Wow, problems are on the rise, huh?  Any statistics handy, or even case studies on point, if I may be so bold as to ask?  Well, a little further downpage we get this:
A Korean-American wanted for attempted murder in the U.S. was found operating an English academy in Gangnam District earlier August, shocking many parents and students and raising voice to toughen identity check for foreign teachers.
So, that's pretty much a "No", as the crime involved is neither sexual assualt nor drug trafficking.  Okay, that's a bit facile, but how about this: the rule change would be unlikely to catch this individual, as he or she is a Korean-American who almost never comes to Korea on an E-2 visa.  Fail.

Next, a group of "7 female foreign students arrested for selling sex " yells the KT head.  The girls "included those attending well-known private universities".  JoongAng Daily reports it is just six, and mentions they are from China, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.  They were variously "lured into prostitution" or "made to sell sex" by a bar owner named Kwon, 58, who so far has not been arrested.

After all, the only thing she did was pimp out her teenage victims in her bar and noraebang.  Thr police are considering seeking an arrest warrant:
“We are considering seeking an arrest warrant for the proprietor, who lured the foreign exchange students into prostitution,” a Yongsan Police official said.
“Since there is a high chance of foreign students studying in Korea to fall into prostitution to obtain living and entertainment expenses, there needs to be an active crackdown on the widespread damages caused by the Internet.”
What the fuck are you blathering about, you imbicile, you!?

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George Bailey Sees The World! said...

If this is what Korean media wants the English readership to be exposed to, just imagine what they are writing in the native speak. And we wonder why sometimes people spit on our shoes...