Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coming Events

My school has midterm exams this week, meaning I will walk to school, sit at my desk for a couple of hours, then walk back home, or wherever I want to go, each day. Except for Thursday, which is Children's Day and a national holiday.

The next week, students go on class trips--last I heard the first grade was headed for Jeju-do, and the second grade for China (their plans for Japan were changed due to safety concerns). The next Monday and Tuesday are holidays due to my school's Founder's Day, so I don't have classes again until May 18.

Friday, I am leaving for another vacation in Thailand (before the weather gets too hot and humid there) and will be gone until the next Saturday. After a trip to the southwest gulf island of Koh Samui in February, I decided to hit the northeast: Koh Chang, or Elephant Island. Probably Hat Kai Bae, which seems suitably quiet for my tastes.

Once school starts back up, it's a long grind until semester exams the first week of July. Oh boy!


Tanner Brown said...

I guess you got a taste of the lady-boys, and now you can't quit. Can I blame you? Yes, you sick bastard.

George Bailey Sees The World! said...

Have a great time. I'm all kinds of jealous that you get to head back there again this year. Enjoy the relaxee.