Friday, April 29, 2011

Never Know Who You Might Meet ...

This post is actually no more or less than clearing out the images that happened to be on camera today!

First thing this morning, I took a picture out my classroom window of the progress being made on my school's new gymnasium. To me, it appears to be going quite fast, even if the last two days' rain put a temporary stop to things. Here are the latest pics:


This week's class lesson has been in preparation for the midterm English exams. I previously asked my co-teachers for sample questions that would be similar to the exam, but only got 50% to do even that much (and I think, despite all that that my co-teachers are a cut above ther ordinary!)

Anyway, we're playing Jeopardy, but mostly without the Jeopardy features--I don't require them to answer in the form of a question (except the grammar category) and they don't lose points by guessing wrong. Except on a Daily Double.

Purists (well, like me, really) would argue that without a jeopardy, a risk, you're not even playing Jeopardy. Yep. Sue me. I think it's more important to get them to try--if they felt they'd be penalized for a wrong answer, we'd have total silence.

The graphics are good, the format is logical (easy questions behind the 100 value, working up to the 500 dollar question, which must be exactly right), the competition is tight, and the kids love it! Here are students brandishing their noisemakers before the clue is revealed:

Yeah, that is a rubber chicken for Team 4. Going in order, if I gave it to Team 1, it wouldn't be nearly as funny!

Mr Right held back with a few students to rearrange the desks back into the usual fashion, so I was finished with school earlier than expected. So I was walking down Deungchon-gil toward one of my favorite restaurants when I spotted a bevy of ladies ahead of me wearing colored sashes. They had a mascot of some kind with them, and so I pursued them in order to add to my collection of ME+mascot photos.


Success! I think what he have here is a walking perfume atomizer for a cosmetics firm. You never know who you might meet on the streets of Seoul!


Chris said...

perhaps you were the best smelling diner at the restaurant last night?

Tanner Brown said...

Wow, your class is full of Asians. You must teach in San Fran or somewhere. Am I right?