Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outside My Window

Despite 28% cuts in the facilities budget of the Seoul Office of Education, my school is building a new gymnasium. That's a good thing. It's right outside my classroom, which is not so good.

1) The noise factor is bothersome--remember, I teach Conversation, so speaking and listening are the main things we do.

2) The finished building will obscure the view out of half the windows in my classroom.

But in the meantime, I have a great view of the action. This machine drills holes down into the bedrock and then installs pipe piles.

Next, the piles are being "block capped" with a concrete block that distributes the load evenly among the piles in the group.

That's about two weeks of work, so far.


Chris said...

reminds me of the business trip I once took to Hawaii. We were working a night shift, and tried to sleep during the day. I say try, because we had the exact same situation - there was a huge pile driver just yards outside the condo windows, banging away all day long. Had I not been there and trying to sleep, it would have been quite comical.

Tuttle said...

Sounds like a nightmare... er, daymare... er, bad dream!