Monday, March 14, 2011

Ground Meeting

Even though the first day of school was March 2 and the first day of classes was March 3, today was the day of the all-school opening assembly, called the "ground meeting" since, well, everyone meets on the ground.

Everyone stands around for twenty minutes or so waiting, then they sing the national anthem, there is about ten minutes of ceremonies where top students are recognized and new faculty are introduced, then the alma mater is sung and we're done for another year.

In my photo, you can see where the gym is being built, right beside my classroom.


George Bailey Sees The World! said...

That oughtta be nice and loud. Our school is building a gym, too. Let's call it a race, and say that the man with the last gym finished buys big beers at the next K-League game.

Tuttle said...

Okay, but let's not wait until the first building is finished before having a few!