Monday, September 20, 2010

Street Scenes XI

Actually, only one of these scenes is on the street in Seoul, the others are inside a store, in this case the HomePlus near Gangseo sagori.

A common sight this time of year, as folks harvest and ripen their red peppers before turning them into gochujang.

Warp, wrap, what's the difference?! Why does it start with a 'w' anyway?

I'm not sure who or what a 'Petriot' is, but it makes me proud to see that an American city is the capital of them!

Yeah? Me too!

I almost bought this one, on general principle.


Chris said...

Well, if you had to warp yourself somewhere, luxury wouldn't be such a bad destination.

Rod said...

HomePlus is the name of the store Bill Paxton's character runs/owns on HBO's series "Big Love."

His is a Home Depot style store.