Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chuseok Fun at Namsangol Hanok Village

That's me at the entrance gate to Namsangol Traditional Village. The first thing you encounter inside is a large plaza where there are lots of Korean traditional games being played by lots of people, young and old.

Yut nori 윶놀이, the four sticks game, which seems to involve using the sticks as a decider, like dice, and moving markers around the board.

Tuho 투호, pitching arrows into a pot.

How to cheat at tuho.

Neol-ttwigi 널뛰기, the Korean see-saw game, aka The Flying Ajumma Launcher.

Paengi 팽이, a top spinning game where you whip the top with a ribbon to see who can keep it going the longest.

Guleongsui 굴렁쇠, rolling hoop game.

Like the paengi game and others, older ajosshi are the champs at this--but they probably aren't so great at Starcraft, say.

Peg your little sister in the back, popular in all cultures.

Further into the park are various demonstrations and hands-on opportunities at traditional crafts. Like weaving straw:

Pounding rice flour dough (and/or little brothers' fingers):

Dressing up in hanbok, traditional clothes, called chuseokbim 추석빔 from a tradition of the head of household buying everyone new clothes:

And making sundubu 순두부, an uncurdled soybean tofu:

The finished product, only 1,000 won:

Lest we forget the reason for the season, Chuseok is a harvest festival and remembrance of ancestors. On the morning of Chuseok, songpyeon 송편 (a doughy rice cake) and food prepared with the year’s fresh harvest are set out to give thanks to ancestors through Charye 차례 (ancestor memorial service).

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조안나 said...

Wow, looks like they had lots of stuff there for Chuseok. Looks like fun!