Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Saturday in Seoul

Usually of a Saturday, I like to go to the park, or watch a sports event, or meet with friends and drink a few beers. Yesterday, I managed all three! I mentioned earlier that I've taken to sitting on a bench at Yeouido Park and reading a book lately, since line 9 has it so convenient. I'm currently reading Life of Pi. With the cooler air moving in, I suspect there aren't a lot of such opportunities left. I took a couple pictures of the spot I choose on this trip; it's a nice oasis in the middle of Seoul's CBD:

From Yeouido, you can take line 5 to Gongdeok and transfer to line 6 heading to World Cup Stadium. Outside exit 2 is a huge amphitheatre, where usually nothing is happening. On this occasion, there seemed to be some kind of high school performance fest. One group was doing a meaningful drama as I walked by so I took a couple photos. It reminded me of a play I did in high school called "The In-Crowd":

They were followed by an all-girl drum corps which sounded pretty good, I thought:

The game ended up a 2 - 2 tie between FC Seoul and Busan I'Park. The game started at 5:00 and sitting on the east side of the stadium, the colors of the sky looked pretty amazing around dusk.

After the game, I met up with Karen and Patrick in Itaewon for some food and conversation. The original plan was to see the game together, but Patrick flew in late. We finished up late, very late, so I had to take a taxi home. Due to the late night rate, it was W18,000.

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