Sunday, June 28, 2009

Street Scenes IV: Seouldae

Seouldae Exit 3
That's what you see when you come out Exit 3 at Seouldae, or Seoul National University Station, a popular spot for university students and people that live within a few subway stops on Line 2.

traffic at Seouldae
notorious trashcan outside Seoul Nat'l Univ Exit 3
The area immediately by the exit is populated with the world's smallest 7-11 and Seoul's largest collection of pojangmacha, the vendor carts that are tiny, mobile restaurants vending traditional Korean foods. Here is a sneak look from behind a stall, followed by the frontal view, with, among other items, massive grilled octopus tentacles!

Seouldae pojangmacha
Seouldae pojangmacha, grilled octopus tentacles
Subway exits are a logical place to place your vendor cart or pojangmacha--here's the view looking down from the raised platform at Dangsan Station, also on line 2:

Dangsan exit area
I went to Seouldae to dine on pig's feet with Andy and his squeeze Jisun. Only a short walk from the main intersection, the streets begin to look less cosmopolitan and more folksy:

Seoudae side street
Seoudae side street
Seoudae side street
Here is a shot of our delicious Korean-style pig's feet:

What do Andy and Jisun think of Korean-style pig's feet?

They ♥ them, of course!

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