Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Night Slow

For the first time since I've been in Korea, actually the first time in a few years, my gout decided to act up today. I did my best to hide it from Mr Hwang as we walked to school this morning, but I was limping noticeably as I walked home from school at lunchtime (I finish after fourth period on Fridays).

When I get it, I get the classic gout--er, metabolic arthritis--which turns my left big toe into a throbbing appendage of agony. And today was the much-heralded day of my Demonstration Class (TM). Still, during that class, I don't do much moving around, a real rarity in my teaching style. The students are presenting reports in pairs, and all I'm doing is taking notes, making comments, and keeping a list of which reports are coming up on the board.

My co-teachers were nervous enough about this demo thing, so I certainly didn't want to freak them out with word that I was less than 100%. Anyway, it went well--very well. I was impressed by the restraint of the students as they listened to other presentations, by the volume and clarity of their speaking voices, and especially by the fact that they mostly got the facts right. I was proud of them.

Well, I came home and had lunch at Burger King, which I haven't done in about two months (and is probably the worst possible meal choice, as gout is caused/exacerbated by red meat, shellfish and alcohol) then took a nap with my leg up. When I awoke, the sharp, stabbing pain had receded and only the dull, throbbing remained. So I went to the gym, since my workout success, such as it is, depends on Friday afternoons.

A cool down, a shower, and here I am in the chicken hof telling you, my dear friends at home and in Korea, my expat blogger coterie, and my internet stalkers, all about it.

Bonus Photograph: Your choice. However, those who want shiny vintage are just SOL.

shiny vintage


Foreigner Joy said...

Hope it's feeling better.

Tuttle said...

Thanks, Joy! It is, actually. A very short-lived bout, I must say.

I put it all down to clean living. Or not.