Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Deal

So, here's the deal:

After twenty-plus years teaching science and math in semi-rural Georgia, I received a contract to teach Conversational English in a public school of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. I sought and got this job because Korea has a robust, hi-tech, export-oriented economy in which English language education is highly valued.

I have a paid-for '02 Chevy S-10 pick-up, and a nice house with a few years' equity, and most of my family within an hour's drive. Follow my travails as I decide how to deal with my property, prepare to travel and attempt to learn Korean basics. And that's just in the next month.

Over the next year or more, I hope to author a weblog that will entertain, educate and challenge both of us as I place my Korean experience under the blogoscope. Hopefully, I will hear from you. I expect high times and hilarity, but I also anticipate homesickness and difficulties. As much as anything is, my motto must be what Eubie Blake said, "Pay the thunder no mind; listen to the birds."

1 comment:

My name is Joy said...

I am very enthused and admired by someone in your stage of life to be packing up and making to the land of grasslessness. But it is fun here on so many levels and I think you may find more than what you were looking for!