Sunday, June 26, 2016

All Aboard the Smoking Bus

Had a snack with The Stumbler this afternoon to catch up on his USA trip and daughter's wedding--it all sounds like it was lovely--in the Beer King at the Sinjeongnegeori area.

Since the smoking ban a few years ago, many bars and restaurants have installed a sealed off, generally really small, smoking booth, often jokingly called things like the gas chamber, the cancer cubicle and so on.

Ding! Ding! The Smoking Bus is now boarding.

It's quite roomy compared to many such booths:

And had a message in English, as you often see on cafe walls. As not all that often seen, the grammar was correct:

In case you have trouble reading that, it says: "It is regrettable that many smokers are still lighting up in unauthorized areas. So, it's for you. This area is designated for smoking."

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