Monday, March 21, 2016

Thailand, Koh Phangan: Food

I snapped a few pics of snacks available in a typical Thai convenience store (aka 7-Eleven); frankly, they mostly don't look delicious, but thankfully the same cannot be said of the huge majority of food I ate on this trip (and, it has to be said, any other).

As mentioned before, I spent one week at Smile Bungalows at Bottle Beach (Haat Phuad) on Koh Phangan. Lots of traditional Thai fresh foods available here. The first picture, however, is a salad new to me, called Phyla Gong, which was awesome, even though I don't know exactly what it is. Other standard fare, done well, included some curry and and order of tempura shrimp.

But my favorite seafood when near any ocean is the grilled red snapper. On Bottle Beach, there are only four or five resorts, and they seem to take turns doing a seafood grill-up dinner. First is my fare at the resort next door, followed by the offering at Smile:

My second week began at New Lapaz Resort at Maenam Beach on Koh Samui. First up some giant prawns, delicious:

Another high point was a beef "sizzler" which is lit on fire then delivered to your table:

I have previously documented many meals at Maenam Village, but though it is a critical part of my holiday cuisine, I don't think I've ever published a breakfast pic. To end this post, and my brief Thailand vacation, here is breakfast at Tommy's Swiss Restaurant, including scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, ham, and a rosti, Swiss-style hash browns with bits of ham in it. An amazing way to fortify oneself for the coming day!

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Lynn said...

I just watched a very good Netflix series called "30 Degrees in February" about a bunch of Swedes who emigrate to Thailand in search of happiness. Good plot twists throughout. Typically Swedish in bleakness though.