Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Winter Camp

After my Winter Vacation (about which, more soon), I had two weeks of Winter Camp. Week One was for third and fourth graders, an omnibus conversation class I called "Let's Talk!" I took a few pictures. Set one is from Wednesday, when we watched the Mr Bean video where he takes a baby to the amusement park, and the students end class by designing their own amusement park.

On Friday, the first half of class was "Around the World", famous tourist spots. The last half of class, students made posters to extol the tourism virtues of Korea. I'm not sure how they got the extra n on "Welcome to Korea".

The second week of camp was Movie-Makers. After four or five hours learning about genres, settings, story-telling, character, etc, the students write their own stories. I act as producer and cameraman. I made two or three corrections, and supplied the punchline.

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