Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Restaurant Review: Gochujang Bulgogi, Sinjengnegeori

Tonight was my last chance for Korean-style barbeque for the next few weeks, as I am on my way to vacation in Cambodia, and my pal Chris treated me to dinner at a place from the old days--thanks, Stumbler!

Sinjeongnegeori was first introduced to me by good ole Kevin, who's back to New York--I'm sure he's glad to know it's all still here! Anyway, Gochujang Bulgogi (red chili paste grilled meat, literally) is a rather small establishment with a big taste.

I'm not sure what culinary treats await me in Cambodia--though I'm sure there are many--but I wanted to make sure I had a last go at some sogogi before my plane takes off. Yummy!

Happy travels! and bon appetit! See you on the other side, as the deejays say.

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Tanner Brown said...

Time for another TB visit, methinks!