Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tuttle Update

Not as lot going on, but just a few random pics to liven things up.
1) I went to the trivia contest at Shenanigan's, a nice spot in Itaewon. This is actually my third go at the trivia there, but it's worth blogging because I came in third place. Playing on a team by myself. Full disclosure: I tied for third but won the "drink-off" to take the honors. The prize? A pitcher of Red Rock. Now this was at nearly 10:30, so the last thing I needed on a weeknight was more beer. So I spread my good fortune around. Here's a shot of the lovely barmaids toasting my success (Fuller disclosure: they helped me with a couple of the items):

 photo photo17_zps56e54d74.jpg

2) Then on Wednesday night I got together with heron and The Stumbler for dinner at Guro Digital, which is a hoppin' "eating street" area. This clown thought I look like the KFC grandfather (boy, if I had 50 won ...):

 photo stilty_zpsb8bc9088.jpeg

But here is what we came to Guro for, some lovely sirloin on the table grill.

 photo deungshim_zpsbd1ec250.jpg

3) In other news, I have booked my winter vacation, departing Incheon on Boxing Day, eight nights in Hanoi and surrounding. I literally just now completed the process for a three day, two night boat trip to Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island and Monkey Island.

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Lynn F. said...

Hey there,
My friend Sally (who I always wanted you to meet) is now teaching in Hanoi and might have a pointer or two for you. I'll ask her.
Keep on bloggin on!