Tuesday, December 17, 2013

When Pigs Fly

Had a night on the town last weekend with good old Andy and even older Jerry. Andy now lives out near incheon and was talking up his new neighborhood, which I have to agree is pretty nice. His place is about two minutes from the subway, and another two minutes from our spot for victuals, "The Flying Pig Cafe".

 photo flpig02_zps45949630.jpg
 photo flpig03_zps2e0953e7.jpg

It isn't really a cafe, but a pork restaurant, and quite a good one. I did a lousy job on camera, or otherwise I would be able to show you the lovely half-inch thick slabs of samgyupsal before sizzling. As it is, I can only show this:

 photo flpig04_zpsfde4eb1a.jpg

... and the aftermath, with pals awaiting their porcine platefuls:

 photo flpig01_zpsefb72aba.jpg

It was quite delicious.

Also in the neighborhood is one of those self-serve international beer places, and an Izakaya called "Sumo" that was reasonably nice, with the door-hangings surrounding each table to make a private niche, and comfortable chairs. The food was so-so but the conversation was excellent.

We didb't make it to saw-cha (fourth round), but we'll hopefully start with it next time I get out that way: a chicken place called "Oh! Ba Ma" or similar.

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